Pre-Order Terms

Please read carefully before creating a preliminary order:

  1. In order to make a preliminary order (pre-order), it is necessary to request information about the desired item.
  2. If such a model of curtains is available in production at, but is not in stock at, a deposit of 50% of the product cost is required.
  3. The order will be fulfilled within 4-8 weeks (usually 5-6 weeks, including delivery to the customer).
  4. The customer will be notified once the goods are received at the warehouse.
  5. The customer is required to make full payment for the goods, the remaining 50%, within 30 calendar days from the moment the customer is notified of the arrival of their order at the warehouse.
  6. The goods will be shipped to the customer after receiving the remaining payment.
  7. If the notified customer fails to make a payment of 50% of the total cost, the order and deposit will be canceled. The customer will not receive a refund of the 50% deposit.