We create premium, flexible and moveable sunshades that provide a comfortable ride with privacy.

Laitovo About

Laitovo is a german brand manufacturer of car window sunshades founded in 2014 and now sells across the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Central and Eastern Asia. With headquarters in Hamburg, Laitovo now sells across the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Central and Eastern Asia.

How did Laitovo car sunscreens come about?

Generally, people want to experience comfort while driving. Especially for those that spend quite a bit of their time in their car. Every car offers different comfort levels depending on the quality or type of materials that are built, suspension, design, etc. But three main factors affect car comfort outside of the car itself, especially in the summer days. They are sunlight, temperature, and insects.

We wanted to create a product that would solve all problems mentioned above. A product that offers protection from harmful sun rays, bug protection, and at the same time regulates the temperature of the car. That is how our Laitovo products were born.

The perfect car window sunshade for a more comfortable and cool car ride.

Laitovo Manufactory

When the temperatures start to rise, the ride starts to become less pleasant and a hassle.

Our products are built with a special polymer fabric structure that reflects the sun's rays and prevents the car from warming. So with the Laitovo sunshades, your drive will be more enjoyable with lower in-car temperatures.

Energy-efficient and easy-to-use car window sunshade.

The Laitovo sunshade for the car window is a flexible, moveable sunshade to keep you and your family safe during the summer months. It is easy to install and remove. Also, while driving, it enables you to open your car windows without being concerned with dust or wind noise. This allows you 15% less air conditioning usage and more fuel saving.

Experience an enjoyable drive in privacy.

When you install the Laitovo sunshade, your car becomes tinted. The microcell structure design enables tinting while at the same time not hindering the visibility of the driver and passengers. The fabric enables excellent visibility at an angle of 70 degrees and creates a blocking sector of 25 degrees for the sunlight.

Patented design. All of your our products are patented and copyrighted

Laitovo sunshades give your car a special touch of luxury and elegance while protecting it from the sun. Our sunshades are suitable for all types of vehicles, from large cars to small motorcycles.